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Home Based Primary Care (House Calls)


Providing patients with primary care from the comfort of their home

Physicals Plus In Home Care

If you are having difficulty getting out of the home to your providers office we can come to you. 

Our team provides care and support to keep you or your loved one well and at home managing chronic disease, acute illness and preventing hospitalizations. 

We can help you manage your health conditions such as high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes and more to ensure you are taking the correct medications and have the necessary supplies. We can help you with equipment needs in the home and skilled services such as nursing, and physical therapy. 

If you need a general health exam, medication refills, X-rays, bloodwork, or other medical services, our team has you covered. 

Services provided: 

  • In-home primary care

  • Lab services-bloodwork

  • In-home X-rays

  • Coordinating with home health agencies, social services and other care providers. 

  • Ordering durable medical equipment

  • Refilling medications

  • Immunizations

  • Helping with care planning and end of life wishes

Are you eligible?

You can receive our in-home primary care services if you:

  • Have two or more chronic conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure or asthma

  • Have trouble with daily activities like cleaning, shopping and walking

  • Have visited the emergency room or been hospitalized

How to get started? 

Fill our our referral form

Call us at 708-607-2503

Comprehensive Care at Home


Chronic Care Management (CCM) is the coordinated care for patients with chronic conditions expected to last at least 12 months or until death.  CCM is a critical step of patient care that has potential for better outcomes for patients.


Transitional Care provides coordination of care, with patients, to reduce hospital re-admissions.  The Transitional Care Management (TCM) plan lasts for 30 days, and begins on the date the patient is discharged from the hospital.

TCM services emphasizes prevention of exacerbation and complications, through the implementation of evidence-based guidelines and patient empowerment strategies.



Accessibility - care is typically available 24/7.  The patient is monitored via remote.  Data is collected and securely stored to the Providers records. 

Continuity of care management - communications are coordinated between family members, doctors, & other professional service providers.

Remote Patient Monitoring lends another level of care by keeping patient's chronic conditions in a digital, real-time format


There are new options available to those who cannot make it into a doctor's office.  TeleHealth is a new way of accommodating patients.  It provides a broader scope of remote healthcare services.  It is the use of technologies that include video conferencing, the internet, and digital communications.  

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