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No One Size Fits All

We know that everything does not work for everyone! This is why we value our weight management programs on being able to individualize it based on your needs.

Are you ready to start a program that will help YOU lose YOUR weight AND keep it off? 

Book a consultation with our provider, April Odom, FNP-BC. to start your customized program. 

Our weight management programs start at $99 and includes: 

  • History & Physical Exam with Provider

  • Vitals Signs including Height, Weight, BMI & Body Fat Percentage

  • In-Depth Questionnaire

  • B-12 vitamin injection

  • Discussion medications​ options

Because we are committed to fighting the chronic disease of obesity our provider has taken several specialty certifications, additional educations and holds membership with organizations that educate and treat obesity.


Member: Illinois Obesity Society
Member: Obesity Medicine Association
Certified: Transform Provider
Certified: Obesity Specialist (AANP)

Become a member and save!

Step one

Book a free (yes free) 15-minute virtual consultation with April Odom, FNP-BC to determine if you want to travel your weight management journey with her and the staff at Physicals Plus. Prior to your appointment, you will complete an intake form and consent form. During the appointment, she will discuss the various options of programs we have here at Physicals Plus and how they can be customized to you. If you want to proceed you will book your in-person visit. If you don't there are no strings attached!


Book your in-person appointment

Book your in-person appointment. Then come in and meet our team and let us help you meet your weight management goals. 


Arrive to in person appointment

This is where your vitals will be taken, you will have a face-to-face visit with our provider and the recommended options will be discussed in detail which will be customized for you. Based on your plan you may have medications that you can take with your or we will order medications for you. 


The next three weeks

You will travel your journey, and it is recommended to continue vitamin injections weekly. You will receive weekly emails with tools and tips to keep you motivated and on track. Including, recipes, meal plans and other educational information.  If you struggle along the way you can message the provider through our secure patient portal. 


The following month

We recommend that you stick with one program for at least three months to have lasting progress. So we recommend you book another follow up visit the next month to review your progress with the provider, reassess your vitals, weight and body fat and refill any medications if needed or make any recommended changes. 

Healthy Food
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Let's Work Together

Not only am I committed to fighting obesity I have also struggled with my weight. Everyone is different but WE CAN DO THIS!

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