Exercise & Improving Body  Composition

Type of exercises 

Less fat, more muscle means a healthier, leaner body for life. The leaner muscle we have, the easier our weight loss efforts will be because muscle dictates metabolism. This also helps to ensure we maintain our healthiest weight. Exercise is essential for long-term health and vitality.

  1. Cardiovascular: Running, walking, spinning classes, dancing, elliptical, swimming, rowing, biking and aerobics or group exercise classes — really anything that gets the heart rate up and works up a sweat!

  2. Weight training: Whether you use free weights, bands, exercise machines or your body weight, they are necessary to build lean muscle mass. In fact, building lean muscle is what will start reshaping your body to develop that lean, active and fit body you desire. Muscle protects our bones and helps us maintain proper posture. Strong is the new sexy and beautiful!